Trading Forex- Day Trading Strategies and Trading Analysis for Forex: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn to trade the markets the way professionals do.

Are you a beginner looking to get started trading the markets?

Are you a struggling trader who has some experience trading the markets?

Do the markets seem daunting and an impossible and frustrating puzzle?

Have you tried other systems which promised massive profits but only caused you

This is a great book for you gain a quick understanding of the basics and mechanics
of the forex markets. Inside you will find:

  1. Forex market mechanics and why it is unique
  2. How to choose and avoid being defrauded by your broker
  3. Easy to use indicators which you can implement successfully today

And most important of all…..


John’s proprietary trading system which will enable you to trade without any
indicators or any other assitance. This is how professionals trade and you can do so

Reviews of other books by John:

Day Trading :Trade the Stock Market Like a Pro

“I have always dreamed of being a day trader but the safe and practical voice inside
told me I was a fool who would soon be parted from his money. This little book offers
some smart and easy to use tools that make day trading not only much safer but also
more legitimate and sane. The following day from reading this book I could see these
ideas unfolding. Great quick read. It is always good to have multiple understandings of
stock trades and this is certainly a high level one because it carries big investors
with the trade”- James Anderson on March 26, 2018

Trading Analysis: Technical Indicators for

“Great read in order to get started investing for beginners like me. I have started
day trading yet, however this definitely belongs in the book case. I’ve learned a lot
through this book and have made my first profit after the next day I started trading.
Thanks for sharing” – Brandon Robertson on April 4, 2018


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