Learn This Proven Money-Making Forex Trading Strategy + Fundamental Analysis And Become a Super Profitable Forex Trader in 61 days or less.: The Powerful KillZone Forex Trading Strategy

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Cold hard truths why you can`t make profits

The odds have been stacked against you. You`ve probably been wondering why the market seems to be against you all the time. Every time you place the best trade, price goes straight to your stop loss. You`ve probably thought that no one must be making money from trading, but, do you even know what market timing is?

It`s not only your trading strategy, which is probably built with COMMON & POPULAR MetaTrader indicators, or is built with custom indicators which gives you signals without you questioning them that why you suppose to do things the way it says you should do them. Here`s a fact, successful trading is not for everyone, it’s not “normal.” You don’t do normal and common things to achieve trading success. If you do things “normal” or the “common” way, like every other trader, you’ll remain broke like every other “normal” trader. 95% of “normal” traders lose and are broke.

My KillZone strategy is built with EXCLUSIVE custom indicators, and operates based on the fact that the markets NEVER move in a straight line, they move in a zigzag, they breath in, and they breath out, they inhale (retrace), and they exhale (rally), others call it Elliot waves, others call it harmonic patterns, and hence, my strategy`s purpose is to time the market for whenever it`s about to inhale or exhale.

The majority of forex trading educators will tell you that you should focus on Price Action trading only; they tell you that you should ONLY learn support and resistance, candlestick patterns, chart patterns, and that you should incorporate COMMON INDICATORS like, Moving Averages, Stochastic, RSI, and MACD. And that you should focus ONLY on higher timeframes from the 4 hour timeframe up.

They teach you all these COMMON TECHNIQUES which are USED BY EVERYBODY else, even the forex brokers teach these common techniques.

Most retail forex brokers are market makers, and your broker is probably a market maker. Market makers trade against their clients, and they use a depressing fact that 95% of retail traders lose money into their advantage. So, what they do?

They seduce all this traders by advertising high leverage, positioning it in a way that suggests that traders can quickly make huge profits with extremely little money. But they don`t end it there.

Market makers advertise and claim that they are true ECN, yet they charge ridiculous high pips spreads, 2 pips+, even on EUR/USD the world`s most liquid currency pair, some even charge on top, high commissions, and retarded swap rates. THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU. On top of your trading loses, they charge you high trading costs.

1). They seduce you into using maximum leverage, when in actual fact, they know that high leverage speeds up the rate at which you lose money.

2). They know that you are part of the 95% traders who lose, then they stick you in their “B book” strategy and trade against you, every time you lose, they win on the other side, so they make a lot of money because 95% of traders lose.

3). They charge you high spreads, maybe commission, high commission, and crazy swap rates as well.

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