FOREX TRADING BEST STRATEGY 5 MINUTES SCALPING: Full Time Trader with More than 40 Years of Experience, Intraday Trading System

My name is Kenji Sasaki and I am a full time trader in forex and other financial markets with more than 40 years investing in this exciting world, thanks to my experience I can say that I have managed to live a lot of trading.

Markets always behave in the same way, so the most important thing is to find the right moment to operate.

If you want to live from trading, get a monthly salary, not have to work for anyone and have time to do what you want, follow this strategy in the way I explain.

To operate this strategy choose a broker of your confidence, I use the Metatrader platform, which is ECN and has a low spread, you only have to insert in your graphs the mobile averages with the parameters that I tell you.

The most recommendable pair to carry out this strategy is EUR / USD, although it can be traded in any currency pair in which there is a clear trend either bullish or bearish taking into account that the pair has a low spread offered by your broker, the recommended time frame to operate is 5 minutes.

This strategy is simple and anyone with little knowledge in forex can do it without any problem.

The strategy includes:

• Explanation of the strategy in real trading.
• How and when to use the strategy?
• When should we close the position?
• Stop Loss and Take Profit.
• What percentage of risk do I recommend per operation? (Risk management)
• What capital do I recommend to operate?
• Emotional control.


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