FOREX: The 1-Hour Trading Strategy Using Strong-Weak Analysis: Clear Entry, Clear Profit Target and Clear Stop Loss

To supplement your income or increase your wealth on a part time basis, you can use one of the two FOREX strategies outlined in this book.

Instead of trying to trade all the currency pairs, this book will show you how to rank currencies against each other from strong to weak using the strong/weak analysis. You should only trade the strongest currency against the weakest currency which will put odds in your favor.

This book is divided into three sections:
Section 1 – Multi-Time Frame Analysis
Multiple time frame analysis will improve your trading if done properly. The goal of the multi-time frame analysis is to identify the predominant trend in the market and use the lower time frame to optimize your entry and exit as long as you are trading with the predominant higher time frame trend and not against it.

Section 2 – Strong/Weak Analysis
One of the major odd enhancers that I always use in my Forex trading is finding and trading the strongest currency against the weakest currency. I will only buy the strongest currencies and sell the weakest currencies. On a daily basis, I rank the following currencies from #0, being the weakest currency to #7 as the strongest currency: USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, AUD, CAD, CFH and JPY.

Section 3 – Trading Plan
Outline 5 steps to follow for a successful trading strategy


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